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Savings Calculator

When you do the math, you will see what a difference Green APU can make to the success of your trucking operation. Use this calculator to determine what Green APU can mean to your bottom line in fuel savings


Any auxiliary power unit can heat and cool the cabin and sleeper. But our APU does it better. The actual temperature is set and monitored using a controller conveniently mounted at the lower bunk level. The auxiliary power unit automatically switches between cooling and heating, eliminating the driver’s need to tweak it. Imagine enjoying your off-hours at the comfort level afforded by a climate control found in luxury cars!


The truck’s batteries drop in capacity and power quickly, even if they are relatively new. Most drivers begin to worry that the batteries will fail to crank the engine on days with falling temperatures. Our APU automatically starts and charges them to maintain the optimum voltage to compensate for this problem actively. This way, you can drive a truck with reliable batteries regardless of the weather or their age

Client Testimonials

“Mitch, Jeff, Jesse, Cyndi, and the rest of the TTPS team have been absolutely outstanding to work with! TTPS’s world class craftsmanship and customer service are second to none! I highly recommend TTPS for all your truck and trailer equipment needs.”
Jason Rohn

“Such a great company. Wonderful people and quality work. Thank you!”

Marie Orr

“Talked to a guy named Larry with about an issue I was having with a trailer. He listened and gave me a solution to my problem. Then, he gave me a permanent solution to my problem, so it doesn’t happen again. Thanks Larry!!”
Terry Fenton

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